At RGT Classes we work round the clock to impart quality education through the medium of discipline, commitment, kindness, understanding and passion. In pursuit of our philosophy of excellence and commitment, we endeavour to receive the support and co-operation of students and parents.


  • Regular attendance is compulsory. Absence must be communicated to office and a leave note from parents must be submitted when coming for next lecture.
  • Students should be present at the premises at least 10 minutes before the first lecture commences. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the class.
  • Students are requested to carry their respective identity cards as a matter of habit and should attend the batch allotted to them.
  • We insist on high standards of discipline and hence we expect all our students to conduct themselves with grace and care.
  • Students should not do anything that could result in damage to the institute's furniture, fittings, air conditioners, electric switches etc.
  • The students are advised not to touch the air conditioners, switches, etc. under any circumstances.
  • Students are requested to maintain silence not only in the classrooms but also outside the classroom, while moving in the corridors, in and around the office/branch premises.
  • A good ambience and clean environment always helps us in our studies. The students are requested to maintain their classrooms in neat and clean state.
  • Students are requested not to leave their classrooms during short breaks unless absolutely unavoidable.
  • Students carrying mobile phones should switch them off and deposit them at the reception before entering the class. Failing to do so will lead to confiscation of the cell phones.
  • Students are entirely responsible for their personal belongings. The institute and its management will not be held responsible in case of loss of any such personal belongings.

  • Kindly read the prospectus very carefully to get an idea about your child’s time table for the whole academic year.
  • Please do not forget to inform us in writing if your child remains absent for reasons beyond his/her control.
  • Inform us in case your child has any difficulty regarding academics. You are also encouraged to speak to the respective lecturer for particular problems.
  • Please ensure that your child is doing his/her homework daily and sincerely without taking any help
  • Please ensure that your child appears for every test/examination regularly. These tests are conducted to improve the child's memory and handwriting skills.
  • In case of absence without notification, no re-examination will be conducted even on medical grounds and the student will be marked absent.

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