Exclusive CBSE Coaching

We have a 7 years of rigorous experience in the field of exclusive CBSE coaching.
Our results are constantly reflecting the same.

Child-centric Approach (which aims at holistic learning)

Everything we do at RGT centers revolve around the well-being of the child. We therefore adopt a holistic learning approach which enables the child to not just prepare for the exam at hand but also understand and apply theories and concepts across subjects and examinations. So also, every member of our faculty and staff takes keen interest in every child's growth encouraging every child to do his/her best reassuring students and never giving them a reason to bunk classes.

Faculty – Our Biggest Strength

At RGT, we believe in maintaining an excellent quality of education and training in every subject, be it Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology any other subject. With the help of a team of distinguished faculty members, some who is B Tech, some are M Sc qualified; some have M.A. degree in political science and so on, we are able to achieve what we desire and what we deserve.

Rigorous Individual doubt-solving sessions

Our teachers are always available to all students for individual doubt-solving thereby enabling the teacher to adopt a methodology best suited to the specific child. This helps the teacher to further monitor the child's progress making sure what is taught is understood correctly.

Lecture DVDs

In addition to the books, study material, classroom lectures and individual doubt solving sessions, we also provide 'Lecture-DVD's' by the best professors on different topics in various subjects for students seeking a better understanding and effective revision.


  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Small batches
  • Innovative library facility
  • Audio-Visual rooms for Technology- aided Learning

    To create an aptitude amongst the students towards education as a lifelong process of formal and practical learning on the platform of assimilation of experiences for ongoing knowledge and skill to be of value to oneself and therefore to the society.

    We believe in providing the highest quality of education. We are determined to make learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable (at every stage) for the children by using innovative methods of teaching and integrated approach of learning.

    To create and sustain an educational environment in which each student is taught to believe in him/her, to create his or her own opportunities and to be a team player so that he/she creates in himself/herself an unending thirst for knowledge and skill.

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